Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sam said...

Lookin sharp Johnny Moo-low.

Anonymous said...

I've just caught up on your recent posts. I forget how articulate you are sometimes and how wonderfully descriptive your narratives can be.
Armenia sounds like a beautiful place and I can only wish that I was coming with Dad for a visit. I would really like a tour of the mountains that you keep talking about in your posts.
Since I'm figuring that there is an 11 hour difference between us, I'll have to get your number and find out how much Verizon is going to charge me for a call across the ocean. I miss talking to you and have so much that I want to ask/ tell you that I can hardly contain myself here.
Anyway, have fun, keep adventuring, and tell Dad I said "hi" when he gets there.

Amber said...

Hey there. Sister in law here just dropping by to say hello! I've been enjoying your blog! We all miss you and the kids all send love your way. And also, being the proud sis in law type, I'm going to link to you in my blog roll at :)

Hugs and love